Our golden ale has been barrel-aged in locally sourced Pinot Noir barrels, a twist on the classic style of Belgian golden ales. Traditional ingredients and techniques have been used to achieve flavours of bitter orange, honey and spice while the barrel-aging gives way to bright notes of fresh berries and slight oak tannins on the finish. We re-ferment The Wayward Son in the bottle using champagne yeast; a process that renders a soft creamy carbonation and a long lasting head. This process also allows The Wayward Son to be aged in your cellar, where flavours will continue to meld and deepen. If you can't wait three years to crack your bottle, not to worry, The Wayward Son tastes fantastic fresh off of the shelf as well. With its complex flavours and easy drinkability, The Wayward Son pairs well with all seasons.

Our Wee Heavy has been barrel-aged and matured in selected casks, directly imported from the world-renowned whisky distilling region of Speyside, Scotland. This delicate, but labor-intensive process, results in defining characteristics, tasting twists and a complexity culminating in a truly extraordinary beer. Good things come to those who wait, which is why we allow our Scotch ale another two weeks to further ferment in the bottle; this results in a softer carbonation, inviting Canny Man to mature with the fine wines in your cellar.

The aroma imparts hints of maple, sticky toffee and vanilla, fused with rich oak and a touch of earthy peat. The palate boasts a balanced roasted malt character, complimented by luxurious waves of vanilla, dried fruits, and finishes with oak, peat smoke and subtle notes of Scotch whisky.

Canny Man should be sipped slowly and, most importantly, shared with a friend.